Welcome to Cornerstone Equine Transport, LLC.   We are a small
professional hauling service located in Rhinelander, WI.   We are a
licensed commercial hauler with state and federal authority.  We specialize
in the long haul comfort of your horses.    We can haul up to 6 horses; but,
the primary design of our van is with two large box stalls or three smaller
ones.   We can walk from the driver’s seat directly to the horse without
leaving the vehicle.   Research and experience have shown that horses do
better when hauled untied and are less stressed when free to move
around.   Box stalls are 8 x
9 1/2  feet and the ceilings are 7’10”.   The van
is air ride with audio and video surveillance.   We travel with only your
horse(s) unless you request a shared ride.

Cornerstone Equine Transport, LLC