The price is only one consideration when looking for a shipper.  
We are not going to be the cheapest ride because we are usually
only hauling 1-2 horses.   We normally don’t tie or use slots for
long hauls.    Because of the large box stall size, we can’t
accommodate as many horses.   We have found that most of our
clients would rather have the individual service anyway.   We
prefer to haul fewer horses because it provides more comfort
and safety for the horse(s), fewer stops, and more individual
care.  We can hear and see the horses at all times.   There is a
$300 minimum charge.   You definitely get what you pay for in
this aspect of the equine industry.  Look at equipment, whether
they are a legal hauler (USDOT#, MC#, required permits), driver
experience, horse knowledge, handling experience, and the
horses comfort when deciding on a shipper.